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Review: Zelda – Twilight Princess (Wii, Gamecube)

I know this is a bit late as the game has been out for ages now, but I’m going to do it anyway.

In 2003, Nintendo announced that a new Zelda game (Zelda – Twilight Princess) was underway for the GameCube, developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development.

When I first got this game about a year ago (ish) I thought nothing of it, so i put the game down and left it.

BIG MISTAKE!      I started playing it again this weekend (mainly because I was bored of other games) but to my delight, when you get passed the first little bit (in the first village (ordon)) the game gets good.

A brief explanation of what’s going on: When the story begins, Link lives in Ordon Village (a small town on the outskirts of Hyrule) and works as a ranch hand. A group of monsters suddenly attacks the village, kidnapping the village children and Link’s close friend Ilia. Link pursues the attackers but unexpectedly finds the edge of the Twilight Realm. When Link approaches the Twilight, he is pulled inside, where the powers of Twilight transform him into a wolf, leaving him unconscious. A monster drags him off before he wakes up and imprisons him in Hyrule Castle. An imp-like creature named Midna appears before Link, helps Link escape his cell, and guides him to Princess Zelda, who is locked away in a tower.

I wont spoil the rest but anyway…

I got it on gamecube which apparently has a completely diffrent feel to the game than the Wii, with the Wii being more hands on and you feel more involved in the game. With this in mind you cant take credit away from the Gamecube version, it also lives up to expectations.

The graphics in this game are not too bad, and with the introduction to loads of diffrent weapons and diffrent clothing it makes the adventure alot diffrent. There is a lot more interaction between player and NPC (non playing character)

You still see the friendly faces of the “Gorons” and the swimming acrobatics of the “Zoras” who you once again have to save from a frozen lake. 😦

Obviously this game was going to struggle against its brother “Ocarina of Time”, But Ocarina of Time in my eyes is the best game ever made, although I think that Twilight Princess competes very well with the likes of Devil May Cry and games like that. Hey but that’s just one person’s opinion.

Feel free to argue this case if you like but lets face it the Zelda games are awesome.


Review: Counter-strike Source (PC)

Counter-Strike Source is a PC game developed by Valve corporation. It is a complete remake of Counter-Strike using the “Source engine”.

There are two teams Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. The aim of the game is to defeat the opposing force so that your team wins. This can be accomplished by either completing the objectives (planting the bomb, rescuing the hostages) or by killing all of the other team.

This is one of the best online first person shooter games I have played. I dont mean graphics wise(even though the graphics are decent enough), but in gameplay terms this game is hard to beat.

The game has so many different things you can do within this game mainly killing others but you can do other things including “surfing”, “ice-skating” and lots more.

Most servers on the game have a ranking system that is determined by a kill/death ratio. Obviously the more kills you get, the better you’re ranked.

The game has a system where at the beginning of every round you have a chance to buy from a selection of weapons to use through the round. You can only accomplish buying if you have enough money, you can gain money by killing people and by your team winning the round.

A quick look at the interface:


A few problems occur sometimes with this game, The problem that always annoys me is the amount of connection problems you get. You sometimes get an error messages because of inconsistant files that you need to play a server but with this in mind it is still a really good game.

Throughout my time playing the game I have gradually become better, I wouldn’t say im great, but I’m not bad either. I have come across people who are exceptionally good and some people who would kill more things playing Super Mario.

Overall I would rate this game one of the best games i have ever played.

P.s. The guy in this film kinda sucks



Review: Guitar Hero World Tour (PS3, X-box 360, PS2)

I first played Guitar Hero World Tour over the Christmas period where I found the game to be extremely addicting, I have played most the other Guitar Hero sequels and found them to be just as addicting.

I found this game to be the best of the lot, the creators of the game (Neversoft) have now included a drum machine that works in the same way as the guitar. The notes come down the screen and you hit the corresponding drum, this has been eagerly awaited by alot of people. (including me)

On the downside to this is that with the drum kit being so sensitive you can’t really hit them like you would a real drum kit. My friend found this out the hard way, he broke the drum kit within a week of having it. But I guess its what happens if you play the game drunk. This being the only downside (I found)with the game. or maybe it’s not a fault with the drum kits, just a fault with his brain.


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