History of computer games

Although the first ever computer game was made in 1958, computer games were not really introduced as a commercial entertainment industry until the late 1970s/early 1980s.  In 1983 the computer game industry collapsed but two years later it started to pick up again after having a rebirth.  The computer game industry experienced substantial growth over the past two decades to become a $10 billion industry, which gives the motion picture industry a run for their money.  The computer games industry is actually the rival of the motion picture industry as the most profitable industry in the world and you can see why.  There is such a large range of computer games all over the world, games that are from the past and the present.  Games are now available for every type of person from young toddlers, to students, school children and adults of all ages.  I recently took my son to get a new game for his xbox and we were in the shop for over an hour and a half, trying to decide on a game for him to buy, there is just so much choice. Now I know where I went wrong when I left school!






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